Bloom on Zoom – Spring Whitening Special


Working from Home This Spring? No Worries – Bloom on Zoom!

Spring Special – $300 In-Chair Whitening

Stuck in the house? Working from home? Video conferencing? Zoom meetings? When working from home, no one can see your shoes (what shoes), and shirt. Covid-19 has made meetings, a neck-up game. Right now, your smile matters. So make sure, you Bloom on Zoom.

Being the standout at your work meetings is now only a smile away. Plus, Christmas is coming. So whether it’s a video conference call or a seasonal family barbeque, now is the time to dazzle with those pearly whites. At Cabarita Dental, we notice the importance of your smile right now. There has never been a better time to whiten your teeth, lighten your smile and brighten the room.

Working from home, for many of us, has meant plenty of additional “breaks”, and the kitchen being the most visited room in the house. All the extra snacking and coffee breaks has taken its toll on our teeth. On the bright side, we’ve been able to save. We are spending less on lunches, less on our commutes and not needing to update our workplace wardrobe as much. Let’s invest those savings in our most prized asset – our smile. We at Cabarita Dental, want you to save even more and right now we are offering half priced in chair whitening so that you can glisten and gleam amongst your team.

So what are you waiting for? The time has come to whiten, lighten and brighten! Call now, to make an appointment.

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Bloom on Zoom


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