Brianna Gardoni

I am Brianna Gardoni and I am the practice manager. I also work alongside Dr. DeLillo as her Dental Nurse and Surgical Assistant on our bigger cases. My interest in Dentistry has got me involved in the correction of poor oral and breathing habits, the techniques for improving nasal breathing, MyoFunctional Therapy (MFT) and it’s benefits to children. I love in particular seeing our young patients return with improved skills and achieving good clinical results. My studies as an undergraduate in Medical Science enable me to understand the finer aspects of clinical dentistry.

I also enjoy assisting in surgical procedures and working with Dr. DeLillo to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. I have a fine eye for detail when it comes to our cosmetic work and love being involved in planning and implementing our implant cases.

When I am not at work I enjoy eating out and socialising with my friends and going to the beach!

I look forward to meeting you at our practice.