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Patient support at Cabarita Dental

Patient Support and Advice

Cabarita Dental takes pride in treating people comprehensively as part of a multidisciplinary team.  We work with your medical doctors and other health professionals to give you optimal health. We Offer a wide range of general and specialised services for everyone. 

Sleep Apnoea. From diagnosis to appliance production, our surgery offers the latest treatments for sleep apnoea and snoring.

Jaw Pain and Headache Management. Do you suffer from tempromandibular joint pain or cranio facial pain? Our team are well experienced in treating and managing these symptoms.

Anxiety Management. Oral sedation can help to control your anxiety and provde you with a pleasant dental experience.

Orthodontics and non surgical early interventional treatment for jaw growth - for children, teenagers and adults, creating healthy and happy smiles.

Inhouse Technical Services. These include design and manufacture of crowns and veneers, denture adjustments and repairs, splint manufacture for snoring or teeth grinding.

Community Education Campaigns.

School Visits.

If you have an enquiry, contact us at 9736 1803.  For all after hour emergencies, contact Dr DeLillo at 0412 265 231.

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