Cabarita Dental and Implant Centre

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Abi Srishan (Dental Hygienist)

As an oral health therapist I provide hygiene for adults and children and preventive dentistry for children.  

I have a keen interest in prevention and will work alongside our dentists to take care of your oral hygiene. I enjoy working with children ensuring their dental appointment is a positive experience. I am interested in consequences of habits such as thumb sucking, dummy use and poor diet and their effect on the growth and development of children.  Joining Cabarita Dental has facilitated me to expand my skills in orthodontics and myofunctional therapy.  I will be there during your orthodontic appointments alongside Dr DeLillo and will be helping you with your Myobrace Activities and orthodontic treatments. By doing this we ensure that you or your child receives good hygiene maintenance and the best of preventive management whilst progressing through orthodontic treatment.

 Having moved back to Sydney after working in rural NSW for a while, I spend any time not working catching up with friends and family over good food and enjoy watching movies. My greatest strength is communication and putting people at ease.