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New E4D machine

The E4D Dentist System provides us with the capability of delivering Same Day Dentistry to you using the latest in technology and clinically proven materials. With this system we can scan the prepared tooth, design the final restoration and mill your metal-free restoration with precision in just minutes. Your permanent restoration can be complete within a single appointment!

Conventional methods of placing single crowns usually require two appointments requiring a temporary restoration be in place for a few weeks. During that time lots of things can happen to your tooth: it can shift position, become more sensitive, or unsupported areas can be more susceptible to breaking during that time period. With the new E4D Dentist System we provide you with more convenience and eliminate the waiting period where only bad things can happen to your "temporary" crown and tooth. ipsum. Integer quis arcu vitae elit cursus posuere vitae quis purus. Quisque nibh justo, egestas eget feugiat sit amet, mollis in elit.

You can read more on the E4D website.